Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mommy, my brother knocked my tooth out!

While I was updating our blog this afternoon I heard an "Ooof" which was quickly followed with a scream. Little Miss started screaming, "Brother knocked my tooth out - Brother knocked my tooth out!" She was running around the TV room with blood coming out of her mouth yelling about her tooth :)

Aparently she and Little Man had been playing with the two large pillows from our bedroom. They had been playing "Bunk the pillow". Little Man punched her in the face with one of the pillows. Then Little Miss put her hand up to feel her other tooth that had already fallen out because she had felt something when the pillow hit her face. Once she felt there she realized that the other tooth that had been loose (her top right middle tooth) had actually fallen out. Then she yelled.... My tooth came out, Mommy, Daddy, my tooth came out!

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