Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kona Village, Hawaii 2010 - Day 6

What did we do today??
*Sunset dinner for two

Oh yeah! Ziplinin' in Hawaii today!

This morning Ryan and Denver finally got to do a little snorkling for about an hour this morning. They did some brother bonding and had a lot of fun :)

After breakfast I dropped the kids off with Mark and Lynda (who were kind enough to watch them all day today) and Ryan, Lara, Ryan, Mom, Dad, and I headed off to Hawi, HI for a little ziplinin'.
We drove for north for a little over an hour and arrived at the Big Island Eco Adventures check in station. There we met the rest of our group and our guides. We got the BEST guides!! John Wayne and Amanda were our guides and not only were they extremely knowledgable about the island and it's history and terrain but they were also hilarious, super fun to hang out with and just plain AWESOME guides! We had SO MUCH FUN ziplinin'. The trip to get to the ziplines was a tour in itself. John Wayne and Amanda filled us in on the local information as we drove and even gave us an added side trip to check out the views at the Pololu Valley Lookout. While the views were spectacular, Wayne's driving abilities (including his ridiculously amazing ability to do the turnaround at the lookout) were definitely something to be talked about. After the lookout we headed back to turn into the dirt road that took us up to the zips. I was amazed that the "jeep" we were in made it up some of the "hills" and through some of the "ponds" that we drove into. Super fun trip up!

As for the ziplinin' - we did a total of 8 zips - we did 6 and then stopped at the Mac Nut Hut for a snack/drink/rest. The Hut overlooks a beautiful waterfall. Next we crossed a suspension bridge and did 2 more zips. The second to the last one was our favourite with a waterfall on one side and an awsome ocean view on the other. The last zip was over 1000 feet long with a running jump off a "cliff". It was also the fastest.

Seriously, I can't say enough great things about this tour. I have to thank Lara and Ryan for deciding that we should do this and also for talking mom and dad into coming along :)

After we got back from ziplinin' Mom and Dad were so great and took the kids to dinner and back to our hale for us so that Ryan and I could have a dinner by ourselves. We dined at the Hale Samoa at a table overlooking the beach and had dinner as the sun set. I had the most amazing Chicken Tomato soup and the one of the best steaks I've ever eaten - seriously!

Ryan and I ziplinin'...

Ryan walking the suspension bridge and me about to zip.

These two videos are of Ryan and me zipping :)

Scroll down to the bottom of the blog if you want to pause the music so that you can hear the video.

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