Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kona Village, Hawaii 2010 - Day 5

Today's Agenda:
Palm Leaf Skirt Making
Barbara Hanson Jewelry & Art
Surfboards at the Beach
Kona Village Hawaiian Luau

This morning started off with Little Miss and I wearing our new Hawaiian sarongs to breakfast - don't we look cute :)

After breakfast, Little Miss and I headed over to the lawn to make a palm leaf skirt for her to wear to the luau tonight. She did great and we both had fun making it!

While we were finishing our palm leaf skirt, Barbara Hanson had set up her jewelry and art display on the Hale Samoa Terrace. She is a local polymer clay artist who makes wonderful Hawaiian jewelry and artwork that we have been collecting for years. We LOVE her art and always find something fabulous when we see her.
Here is some of her work that she brought with her today.

Once we'd spent way too much money with Barbara (as usual :) ) Ryan and the kids and I headed over to the beach. The kids got out the surfboards today and we had a blast! Lara and Ryan showed up while we were playing in the water. They'd gone out snorkling this morning.

After yet another nap we changed into Luau clothes and headed off to learn about Hawaiian culture and dance. Earlier in the day they had taken the pig to the Umu (an earthen oven). They put hot lava rock in the bottom, then put the pig on top and then covered it with tea leaves, sand, and burlap to cook. I believe they had cooked it for abround 6 hours. It's a lot more complicated than that but you get the idea :) We watched them take the pig out of the Umu and get it ready for us to eat. We then went back to our table to eat and watch the rest of the luau. Little Miss got to go up on stage with the rest of the keikis (kids) and do a hula dance for the crowd. She did great!!

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