Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kona Village, Hawaii 2010 - Day 2

First full day at Kona Village...

We played in the ocean, stacked some rocks on the beach, ate a delicious lunch and fabulous dinner, and had fun with our family!

Our hale was beautiful... SM6 (Sand Marquesan #6). The most amazing view from our deck and we could hear the ocean loud and clear every night ~ it was so relaxing and put the kids to sleep quickly each night!

The beach was so close to our hale... just a short walk through the sand and over the lava. Couldn't really swim here but we had fun checking out the tidal pools, stacking rocks, laying in the hammock and checking out the local birds and lizards.

After playing at the beach in front of our hale, we headed down to the main beach for some awesome ocean fun!

First time in the ocean for Little Man and second for Little Miss. They both LOVED it and we were at the beach every day for a couple of hours. Everyone took a nap every day :)
Once back from the beach we all napped and then showered and got ready for dinner. The walk to dinner was always fun with the kids picking up flowers or plant stalks to play with. Little Man loved giving me or Little Miss flowers to put our my hair or "clearing the path for the girls" with a big stick that he found.

Dinner each night was wonderful. Fresh seafood, grilled chicken, or delicious beef along with the soup of the day, fresh green salad, and various appetizers. The kids meals were great as well with the common chicken nuggets and mac and cheese along with choices of pasta primavera, fresh grilled fish, and pizza. Their meals always came with fresh fruit and veggies as well.

Denver and Laurie at dinner and all of the parents at their table.

After sunset the kids danced to the Hawaiian guitar music with Gramps and Meme.

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