Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Miss's First Soccer Practice (with Daddy as the Coach)

Little Miss decided this year that she wanted to start playing soccer. So last month we quit gymnastics and signed her up to play soccer. When I signed her up I asked that she be placed on a team that had kids from her school so that she might know some of the kids. We lucked out because two of the girls on the team ended up in her kindergarten class. Just after we signed her up we received an email asking for volunteers to coach and Ryan decided to sign up. Little Miss was so excited that Daddy was going to be her coach.

Ryan went to a couple of coach's meetings to learn how to coach 6 year old girls, we went to the sports store to get all of his gear and her soccer gear and we set up some practice times. Soccer is now officially under way! I ordered the uniforms last week (fuchsia and black) and we've got practice now once a week and a game almost every weekend until November.
These pictures are from their very first practice session with Coach Ryan. Each girl brings their own ball and Ryan taught them how to kick with the inside of their foot and had them dribble the ball around the cones. We had to cut practice a little short because there was a thunderstorm coming from the north and we saw the lightning and called practice.
The girls did great for the first practice though and I think this season is going to be so much fun!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Little Miss's First Day of Kindergarten

Little Miss was SO excited this morning! She was actually out of bed at 6:30 am - came into our room and said "Get up, it's time for me to go to Kindergarten!!"

We picked out her outfit last night along with the socks and shoes that she was going to wear and how we were going to do her hair. It took her a while to get to bed because she was just too excited.

This morning she brushed her teeth, got her clothes on, and came down for breakfast. We got her lunch all together and put it in her backpack (that's the only thing that she had in her backpack) and then went out to take some "First Day of School" pictures. Then it was off to school.

We parked a bit away from the school and then we all walked to the school. Little Man was running ahead and tripped on the concrete and busted his knee on the way in. He must have really hurt himself because he cried the entire time - we ended up taking him to the nurse's office to clean out the scrape and put a bandaid on it.

Once we got to Little Miss's classroom she headed right in, put her backpack and lunch box in her locker, went to her table and started working on the colouring project her teacher had set out for her. That was it - she didn't look back!

Ryan and I left with Little Man and headed to the library for the "Boo Hoo / Yahoo Breakfast" that they had. We didn't get to stay for long though because Little Man was so beside himself about his knee that we had to come home so that he would calm down.

All in all it wasn't exactly as I'd pictured it would be but we got her off to school without any tears! Great morning.... can't wait to hear about her day this afternoon!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Little Miss loses her first tooth!

Little Miss lost her first tooth today!! We were sitting in the car at Sonic. We had stopped to get lunch. She had a hotdog and had eaten most of it. Suddenly she says, Mommy, I have to show you something. She gets out of her booster seat and runs to the front of the car. Then she starts telling me that as she bit into her hotdog her tooth went really far back and as she's telling me the story, the tooth fell out in her mouth. Luckily she didn't swallow it :)
We put the tooth in a ziplock bag so that we wouldn't lose it - it's so small!
Then when I put her to bed tonight, she put the tooth in her tooth fairy bear for the tooth fairy. What a fun day as a parent of a 5 year old :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Little Miss Plays Tennis

Little Miss started Tennis Camp this week and she loves it! Yeah!
This is her first dabble at tennis and I was really hoping that she'd like it. The first day she learned how to hold the racquet and how to step forward and bring the racquet back. They did a little bit of volleying at the net as well. On Tuesday they repeated the information they learned on Monday and then they started to learn the swing. Today they repeated all that they had learned and kept practicing.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dentist Appointments

The kids and I went to the dentist today!

It was Little Man's first visit to the dentist today. I was a bit worried about how he'd do - wasn't sure if he'd let them poke around in his mouth :) He did AWESOME! He did everything they asked him to do and his teeth look great.

Little Miss has been to the dentist a couple of times. She got her first set of X-rays today. She went off with the dental hygienist all by herself to get her X-rays and have her teeth cleaned. After she was finished she came running over and told me that she had two loose teeth! Unbelievable! Is she old enough to have two loose teeth? How did I not know? She was so excited :) The dentist said if she kept wiggling them a lot that they'd probably be out in a month or so.

My dental cleaning was uneventful!