Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dentist Appointments

The kids and I went to the dentist today!

It was Little Man's first visit to the dentist today. I was a bit worried about how he'd do - wasn't sure if he'd let them poke around in his mouth :) He did AWESOME! He did everything they asked him to do and his teeth look great.

Little Miss has been to the dentist a couple of times. She got her first set of X-rays today. She went off with the dental hygienist all by herself to get her X-rays and have her teeth cleaned. After she was finished she came running over and told me that she had two loose teeth! Unbelievable! Is she old enough to have two loose teeth? How did I not know? She was so excited :) The dentist said if she kept wiggling them a lot that they'd probably be out in a month or so.

My dental cleaning was uneventful!

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