Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Miss's First Soccer Practice (with Daddy as the Coach)

Little Miss decided this year that she wanted to start playing soccer. So last month we quit gymnastics and signed her up to play soccer. When I signed her up I asked that she be placed on a team that had kids from her school so that she might know some of the kids. We lucked out because two of the girls on the team ended up in her kindergarten class. Just after we signed her up we received an email asking for volunteers to coach and Ryan decided to sign up. Little Miss was so excited that Daddy was going to be her coach.

Ryan went to a couple of coach's meetings to learn how to coach 6 year old girls, we went to the sports store to get all of his gear and her soccer gear and we set up some practice times. Soccer is now officially under way! I ordered the uniforms last week (fuchsia and black) and we've got practice now once a week and a game almost every weekend until November.
These pictures are from their very first practice session with Coach Ryan. Each girl brings their own ball and Ryan taught them how to kick with the inside of their foot and had them dribble the ball around the cones. We had to cut practice a little short because there was a thunderstorm coming from the north and we saw the lightning and called practice.
The girls did great for the first practice though and I think this season is going to be so much fun!

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