Monday, August 24, 2009

Little Miss's First Day of Kindergarten

Little Miss was SO excited this morning! She was actually out of bed at 6:30 am - came into our room and said "Get up, it's time for me to go to Kindergarten!!"

We picked out her outfit last night along with the socks and shoes that she was going to wear and how we were going to do her hair. It took her a while to get to bed because she was just too excited.

This morning she brushed her teeth, got her clothes on, and came down for breakfast. We got her lunch all together and put it in her backpack (that's the only thing that she had in her backpack) and then went out to take some "First Day of School" pictures. Then it was off to school.

We parked a bit away from the school and then we all walked to the school. Little Man was running ahead and tripped on the concrete and busted his knee on the way in. He must have really hurt himself because he cried the entire time - we ended up taking him to the nurse's office to clean out the scrape and put a bandaid on it.

Once we got to Little Miss's classroom she headed right in, put her backpack and lunch box in her locker, went to her table and started working on the colouring project her teacher had set out for her. That was it - she didn't look back!

Ryan and I left with Little Man and headed to the library for the "Boo Hoo / Yahoo Breakfast" that they had. We didn't get to stay for long though because Little Man was so beside himself about his knee that we had to come home so that he would calm down.

All in all it wasn't exactly as I'd pictured it would be but we got her off to school without any tears! Great morning.... can't wait to hear about her day this afternoon!

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