Sunday, June 27, 2010

AHS Weekend in San Antonio

What a crazy weekend it's been!

This past weekend my best friends from high school and I decided to have a mini Alconbury High School reunion in San Antonio.

Originally it was supposed to be a reunion for me and my three best friends from high school. But it turned out that we were planning our little reunion when some of the other classes were planning a big 20 year reunion down on the river walk.

Here are Tara, Becky, me, and Amy in front of a British telephone booth :)

Soooo.... I flew in Friday morning and arrived in SA at 9:50am. Amy and her two fabulous kiddos picked me up from the airport and we went back to her house so that she could pack because we were staying at Becky's house for the weekend. Amy packed up and then we dropped her son of with Beau and then we headed to Habaneros for one of their FABULOUS Cheesy Bean Burritos. I have been craving one since the last time we were there. After lunch Amy (along with her 6 month old daughter) and I went to TJ Maxx to do a bit of shopping. Her husband came to pick up her daughter while we were shopping and then we went to pick up Tara from Makeisha's apartment.

We got Tara and then headed to Becky's house to move in for the weekend!

Once settled in at Becky's it was full steam ahead for our crazy weekend! Amy had brought snacks that each of us had introduced to her. She brought Frito Bean dip and Fritos because Becky introduced those to her, Rotel, Velveta, and chips for Tara and Butter Noodles for me :) We chatted a bit about "old times" and then decided we weren't THAT old and should go out to dinner!

We all got dressed for the evening and headed over to happy hour at a restaurant/bar that one of Amy's friends was singing at. Super fun night! Her girlfriend was great and we all had a good time catching up.

On Saturday we got up around 10am, hung around Becky's house for a while and then all got dressed for the day. We headed over to The Shops at La Cantera for a little shopping. We decided to eat lunch at the Food Court first and then shop. After lunch the first shop we hit was Sephora and we were there for 3 hours! Tara, Becky, and I all got our eyes done by Stefanie (who was fabulous) so that we could look great for that night. Then we hit the semi annual sale at Victoria's Secret. After shopping we went back to Becky's because Tara was going to the AHS Reunion dinner at the Holiday Inn La Tropicana with Makeisha.

After Tara left for the dinner we all sat around and looked at old picture albums and laughed about our high school days. Then we got ready for the night. Before we left for the hotel we took some pictures in Becky's kitchen.

When we got to the hotel we hooked up with the rest of the AHS group, got into taxis, and headed over to the Riverwalk. We ended up at Mad Dogs British Pub and stayed there most of the night. There was drinking, dancing, taking shots, more dancing and a ton of picture taking. Then we walked back to the hotel (Becky and Amy walked back barefoot because their shoes were hurting their feet). After hanging out at the hotel pool for a while (that's where the real reunion people were having their get together) we left to go back to Becky's house.

On our way out of downtown SA we ended up passing a Lulu's Cafe and decided to stop and try one of their ridiculously large cinnamon rolls. While there we ran into Monica who came over to have his picture taken with us. It was a crazy night and definitely one that we will never forget!

We've decided to continue the tradition and try to get together once every year or two - next BFF reunion - Atlanta! See you girls in 2011!!

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