Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kona Village, Hawaii 2010 - Day 4

Shopping in Kona and Paniolo Dinner

This morning after breakfast we loaded into the rental cars and headed to Kona to do a little Hawaiian shopping.

Here are me and the kids next to a huge banyon tree in town.

This afternoon we met at Mark and Lynda's hale (SS4) so that we could all take some family pictures at Kona Village.

After taking a thousand pictures :) we went to the Kona Village Paniolo dinner on the lawn. A huge buffet it set out on the lawn with fabulous food including steak, lobster, ribs, baked potatoes, and a ton of fruit and dessert. Everyone sits out on the lawn enjoying their meal while listening to the Hawaiian Paniolos sing for us. (Paniolos are Hawaiian cowboys - this is a Hawaiian cowboy themed evening that pays tribute to the cowboys and ranchers that contributed to Hawaii's culture).

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