Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ryan's Grandfather

2010, what a crazy year. To lose two Grandparents in a week. Yes they get the capital letters in my dictionary! I lost my Granddad, Juby, as I always called him, several years ago when his mind left. I love him dearly to this day as we all have, but he has been gone a long time. Juby loved life, my fondest memories of him were of loving, cooking and hunting. My Granddad loved his wife, loved his kids and loved his grand kids and loved to cook for all of them. I will always remember him working in the kitchen with Glenna and teasing her of this or that, always in a loving tone. I will remember cooking chicken for 2 days in his homemade smoker behind the house, potato rolls, the family all there, the porch, the rocking chairs, the organs, the BMW motorcycle (which I am sure inspired my Dad in 1972 to buy his first Bavarian Motor Works), the huge antenna behind the house for Juby's shortwave radio, Dad and Hinton's grand champion Ewe in 1950 something, 1955 Chevrolet, the Gold Oldsmobile that Juby loaned Dad to go to Colorado in and he got tar on the fenders, the fact that Daddy Ham (my Great Granddad) took Juby, (my Granddad) to Colorado as my Granddad took my Dad as my Dad took me and my Brother and the rest of our family and extended family to this day back to the South Central part of Colorado! Don't forget that I shot my first rabbit on the farm when I was 12 with Dad, after seeing 200 turkey on the pasture that day. I learned to hunt there, be it going after the turkeys, rabbits, or looking for arrow heads. He showed my how to run a tractor and love a wife. I will miss my Granddad, his garden, his beige '85 Ford, the '48 Ford N tractor, his smile, white hair and understanding of the world, quartz donkey's and all the things that make life GRAND! Remember Life comes at you fast, So Enjoy it!

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