Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lipizzaner Stallions at the American Airlines Center

This afternoon we all went to see the Lipizzaner Stallions at the American Airlines Center. Both sets of grandparents and my sister and her boyfriend along with me and Ryan and the kids sat in row K (pretty close to the floor) to see the show.
The kids snacked on popcorn and cotton candy while watching the stallions do some amazing stunts.

The show is mainly an "equestrian ballet". The horses do maneuvers set to classical music. There is also a lot of history incorporated into the show.

The Lipizzaners were originally bred as horses of war and have now become a living form of equestrian art. Included in the performance was a section called "Airs above the Ground" where the horses perform spectacular leaps and maneuvers once used by riders in the saddles to protect and defend themselves on the battlefield.

The show was great and we all enjoyed it!

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