Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day Parties 2010

After two snow days last week that put Valentine's Day Parties on hold, we were able to have both of the kids parties this week at school.

Little Man's party was on Wednesday. The kids decorated brown bags that I had already put their names on with stickers and markers and then went around the room distributing their Valentine's Day cards.

We then snacked on doughnuts and juice and called it a morning.

Quick and fun party!

Little Miss's party was rescheduled for Friday. So I picked up Little Man from school today and headed over to Little Miss's elementary school for the party. I didn't have a hand in planning this party so it was nice to show up with my 24 red plastic bowls and help out as needed. The kids decorated foam picture frames with their pictures already in them (love that) and then snacked on marshmallow chicks and ice cream sundaes.

Another quick and easy party!

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