Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day card making

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and since we had ANOTHER snow day today the kids and I decided to make our Valentine's Day craft today :)
We've done the same craft for the last 3 years because we all LOVE this craft so today I got out my silicone heart shaped mold and a star shaped mold that I borrowed from a friend and we got to work. We made heart and star shaped crayons to give away at the kids Valentine's Day parties. We've also decided that this year we'll make necklaces out of them and change up the card a bit.
We soaked the crayons in hot water to get the paper off of them and then the kids broke up each crayon into 4-6 pieces. Once we got all of the crayons broken and dried off they each got to work filling up their trays. Then we put them into the 250 degree oven for 14 minutes, took them out and let them cool. They turned out great!
Ryan drilled holes in the tops and the kids threaded black ribbon through the holes. We cut circle shapes (and by we, I mean my friend Shelley who has a fabulous machine that cuts exact circles!) out of red and pink scrapbook paper and wrote "You color my world" on each circle. Then we used double sided sticky foam circles to attach our crayon necklaces to the cards and the kids each wrote to and from on the backs.
Cute Valentine's cards and the kids and I had a super fun snow day making our crayons!

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