Sunday, February 27, 2011

Little Man Turns 5 today :)

My son is awesome! Today is the day that he was born 5 years ago and he is so awesome! I'm so blessed to have such a handsome, talented, funny, loving son. He "holds the door for the ladies", has just started to read (Bob books), draws fabulous people pictures, and is stinking hilarious. Can't wait to see what this year brings. Happy 5th Birthday Little Man!

Ryan decided he'd write a little something about Little Man as well:

Our Little Man, turning 5, half a decade. He has grown by leaps and bounds. He is taller than most and people usually do not believe he is just turning five. He has adopted in the last few months the saying of “remember when I was three?” I fear the day when he says “remember when I was 15”, of course the older we get the shorter the distance to the past we venture. He is still sporting the blond hair and blue eyes which will continue to get him out of trouble. He and his sister have recently started quoting Monty Python. His favorite line is “Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?” A year ago my son could not swim across the pool or play the piano…now he can. He could not color in the lines…now he can…if he wants to. Another year has flown by. He helps us cook and bake and is always eager to help as long as it does not involve cleaning up. He loves the bubble machine, sticks, his family, cuddling with Mommy, sittin’ with sister, going for a walk to the “story benches”, science shows including “Hunt for the Giant Squid”, learned how to do the monkey bars, out grew his first pair of Carthart overalls, experienced a 12” snow fall in Dallas (once and a life time event), went roller skating for the first time, can climb a tree like a monkey, journeyed across the sea to Hawaii, wore a tuxedo, loves swords, went to his first Texas Tech game, and has continued to excel at life. We will see what great adventures the next year brings!

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