Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Days 2011

It's Friday morning and the kids have been out of school since Tuesday for SNOW DAYS 2011! We had a huge ice storm here on Monday night and temperatures haven't been out of the teens and 20s since then.

Tuesday Feb 1 - School was canceled today because of the ice covered roads. I went out to the grocery store with Little Miss and it was treacherous. We got our groceries and then Little Miss and I went over to the Burger King parking lot and slid around on the ice - She had been begging to do it since she saw the Kroger parking lot. Played outside a bit in the backyard with the trucks when we got home and then did some slipping on the ice in the driveway. Then the kids came in and played upstairs. We all watched Alpha and Omega for movie night since we knew school was already canceled again for Wednesday.

Wednesday Feb 2 - All of the sleet from yesterday that melted a bit in the sun has frozen solid. There is a solid 1-2" layer of ice on the driveway so Ryan, the kids and I took a plastic tub top and turned it into a "sled". We had so much fun sliding down the driveway! The kids and I started re-organizing the toys and toy storage today as well.

Thursday Feb 3 - We were finally able to get out of the house today. Ryan went in to work for a bit to catch up and the kids and I ran some errands: took back the Redbox, hit up Petsmart, Walmart, and Target to look for a dog bed for Little Dog and stock up on some groceries and family board games. The sheet of ice on the parking lot at Walmart was all to tempting and the kids and I spent 20 minutes or so slipping, sliding, and "ice skating" on the road. The kids and I made it to piano lessons this afternoon as well.

Friday Feb 4 - Today we got all decked out in snowsuits and gloves and took our tub top "sleds" to the hill down the road to sled. We got too much snow this morning though (around 5 inches) so our makeshift sleds didn't work. Ryan busted it on the ice on the way home - slipped and went down - he's okay and it was kind of funny! We came home and played outside for a bit and now the kids are upstairs playing and getting warm. Ryan made some "snowmen" outside in the garden. The snow wasn't wet enough to pack together to make normal looking snowmen so Ryan decided we needed snow "heads" in the garden. They turned out great! The father/daughter Valentine's day dance is canceled for tonight - rescheduled for next Saturday. It's been a great week of snow days and family fun!

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