Saturday, February 19, 2011

My beautiful son's 5th birthday party

My beautiful boy's actual birthday is not until next week but we had his birthday party today.
I say this every year but it's always so true ~ where does the time go ~ how in the world is my beautiful boy almost 5? More reflection when he actually turns 5 ~ for now I'll stick to the party :)
Today we had Little Man's party and it was so much fun ~ we called it his 5th Bakugan Bash because he wanted a Bakugan cake and decorations. For the past two years we've had Grisham Farms come out to our house and do an animal presentation for Little Man's birthday. I decided that this year we would do something different but apparently we were meant to have them out again. I randomly won a birthday party animal presentation from Grisham Farms a couple of months ago. So since it was free we decided to have them come out again for his birthday. As always they were fabulous. They had some new animals that we hadn't seen before like the armadillo lizard and some old favourites like the pot bellied pig. We ended up learning about the gecko lizard, guinea pig, bearded dragon, blue tongued skink, ball python, sugar glider, and the hedgehog. It was a wonderful presentation and the kids LOVED it! After the presentation we had pizza and cake and then let the kids play outside for the rest of the party. The weather was phenomenal and I think everyone had a great time.

Happy Birthday Little Man!

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