Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween & Pumpkin Carving 2010

Yay! We're all well this year and were all able to go Trick or Treating :)
This year we had a lot of fun in our costumes. Little Miss was invited to a fabulous Halloween party at one of her friend's houses. The next night we had a family Halloween party at a friend's house in Dallas and then we went out trick or treating tonight. Super fun Halloween for our family this year!

As for costumes, Little Miss went as Cleopatra, Little Man was Batman, I was an F-15 fighter pilot, and Ryan went as Poncho Villa. Luckily the kid's costumes still fit! We've had these costumes since last year since we didn't get to go last year because Little Miss and I had swine flu.

Ryan and the kids carved and decorated our pumpkins this afternoon while I was at a friend's house sewing on Little Miss's Daisy scout patches. Once I got home we had dinner and got ready to go out trick or treating. We took the kids door to door in our neighborhood and they were a hit!

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