Sunday, October 3, 2010

Little Miss turns 7

Today is Little Miss's 7th birthday. She's truly becoming a beautiful, intelligent, sassy and articulate young lady.

We had her 7th birthday party last night and it was so much fun! This year we decided to have a smaller party - she only invited 6 girls. It was a faux slumber party from 6-9pm. The girls were dropped off at 6pm. They ran through the house and played up and downstairs until everyone had arrived. Then we started with our first craft. We all made necklaces with our names on them. This was followed by a dinner of pizza and breadsticks. Next we made sleeping masks out of felt, purple sparkly fabric, sequins, and jewels.

Now time for our fashion show. Little Miss and I had gone to Goodwill and picked out 8 oversized dresses that she liked along with purses, jewelry, and hats. The girls each picked out an outfit and accessories and then I announced each one of them as they came through the sparkly door hangings to show off their ensemble. After the fashion show they ate birthday cupcakes and then it was upstairs to brush their teeth and change into their pajamas. While they were getting ready for bed, Ryan and I got the downstairs ready for "slumber". The girls then came downstairs and chose where they wanted to sleep and we put on the brand new movie "Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale".

Little Miss (and the girls) had so much fun and honestly, so did I :)

Tonight we had Little Miss's family birthday party. We celebrated Little Miss, Ryan, and Mark's birthdays by grilling burgers and hanging out at our house!

Happy Birthday to my sweet young lady!

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