Sunday, November 14, 2010

Camping with Friends

We typically like to go camping a couple of times a year but for one reason or another we've missed the last THREE camping trips with our friends! So when planning this most recent one we were determined to make this one happen. Even when it turned out that we picked one of the coldest weekends yet :)

Ryan found a fabulous place for us to camp called Pilot Knoll Park and we were excited to try it out. So we loaded up the car and headed out to campsite number 22 to set up camp around 2pm yesterday. The weather was actually nice and sunny when we set up camp but once the sun went down we were COLD. I had brought hand and foot warmers for all along with a couple of larger warmers that we all put in our sleeping bags to keep us warm. They actually worked pretty well.

This camping trip was a lot of fun. The kids fished with worms on their hooks, made worm habitats for some of the luckier worms, & fed the ducks.
We all grilled burgers, spider dogs and beans for dinner, made s'mores, snuggled into our sleeping bags at night (made that much warmer by the handy warmers placed at the bottom of our sleeping bags), and had hot chocolate and breakfast burritos this morning.

Everything you'd expect from a camping trip and more!

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