Thursday, November 18, 2010

A & P Study Group

So I've gone back to school this semester. I graduated the first time from Texas Tech in 1998 but have recently decided that I need a career change so I'm back in school completing prerecs for nursing school. Anatomy and Physiology I is the first class I've taken in 12 years and I'm having SO much FUN!

Yes, the class is difficult but not why you'd think. It's difficult because of the amount of material that we have to learn in the amount of time we have to learn it. The material is actually extremely interesting. I was worried going into the class that I wouldn't study properly or that the class would be too difficult but I've found a FABULOUS study group which makes it 10x easier and a heck of a lot more fun :) We've all signed up for A & P II next semester so study group and the ridiculously fun study sessions will continue!

Here are me and the girls and then a picture of the girls studying

Here is K being an oligodendrocyte and D showing how neurons are connected

Here is A being an astrocyte and me showing how neurons communicate.

Here is D teaching us about the spinal cord and the owner of the place that we study at likes having us there so much that he offered to reserve our "section" each Monday night so that we'd have a place to study. So we showed up this past Monday and he had made this sign :) He made us a name and everything - How fun is that :)

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