Saturday, April 17, 2010

Family In Town from Maryland

My aunt, uncle, and cousin and her daughter are in town!

Tonight we went over to my mom's to have shish kabobs and visit with them. My Aunt Patsy (my dad's twin sister) and Uncle Bob drove in at the beginning of this week and my cousin, Jan, and her daughter, K, flew in on Thursday.

Little Miss and Little Man couldn't get enough of my 2nd cousin, K. Little Miss has actually been talking about K ALL week! She loves hanging out with older girls and the minute she saw K it was over. Little Miss didn't let her out of her site all night. They played hide and seek, chase, played with the kids toys and sat with K while watching Ice Age 3.

We had a great time getting to see Aunt Patsy and Uncle Bob. I talk to Aunt Patsy at least once a week on the phone but it's always fun getting to see them :)

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