Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wiggle wobble, wiggle wobble... Loose Tooth!

Will you watch my mouth, While I open wide
Take a little look, right here inside
What do you see? Tell the truth
Uh Huh! A real loose tooth
Wiggles so much it hardly chews
Oh yeah! I've got the loose tooth blues!

Wiggle wobble, wiggle wobble. Loose tooth!

~Loose Tooth Blues by Wendy Rollin

The tooth is gone! The tooth is gone!

Little Miss's front tooth has been driving us nuts this week! It's been loose for a while but on Monday she was reaching for something in her classroom and fell tooth first into a plastic tub. Since then, the tooth has been LOOSE! Not just a little loose but the kind of loose that grosses you out a bit :) She's been able to partially twist it and make it go completely back by pushing it with her lip. Seriously, it was even giving me the willies!

Well today at her soccer game - in the middle of the 3rd quarter - she up and pulled it out herself! She ran over to me - bleeding - with the tooth in her hand screaming "I pulled it out! I pulled it out!" - she was so excited!!

That's tooth #3 for Little Miss :)

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