Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sea World ~ May 2009

Who's that calling ?
Who's that who can show the way ?
The child inside,
The child who lives still in your eyes
~The Child Inside by Qkumba Zoo

We can all be a "child inside" when we visit Sea World :) What a great weekend we had in San Antonio. We drove down Thursday night and got in around 1 am. We stayed with my best friend from high school, Amy, as we normally do. I really love it that we live so close. Our kids call each other "cousins" and play so well together.

Friday morning Ryan got up and left to go take his test (which was from 9am - 3pm). The kids and I stayed home. Little Miss and Little Man played with Amy's son, McQueen. I call him this because he has the biggest, baddest collection of Lightning McQueen cars we've ever seen. Little Man was in Car heaven. The kids love playing together so we decided to stay home all day. The kids didn't even change out of their pajamas.

Saturday was our day at Sea World. We've been numerous times over the last couple of years so I guess we are old pros at the park. We hit the Dolphin Cove first because that is Little Miss's favourite exhibit. You get to lay on the side of the pool and try to pet the dolphins.
Then we saw the Sea Lion Show after which we got to feed the sea lions. Little Man really got a kick out of that this year.
Then it was onto see Shamu. Little Miss has been into whales for a couple of years now. She loves the Shamu Believe show. As we were waiting for the show (and during the show) she made whale noises from her seat insisting that she was talking to Shamu. Ahhh Ohhh Ahhh I'm sure the people sitting in front of us thought it was just as cute as I did :)
We broke for lunch after the show.
Next came the beluga whale/dolphin show called Viva. This is also a favourite of my kids. It continues our whale fascination. This year one of the beluga whales had had a baby and so the baby was in the show as well. Too cute! The kids really love those beluga whales. In fact, Little Miss chose a beluga whale snow globe and little beluga whale for her gift shop purchases from Sea World this year. Little Man's gift shop purchase was a squeaky Shamu whale.
Little Man's gift shop purchase is actually a story in itself. He's such a negotiator that child! He picked up that squeaky Shamu toy and I immediately told him "No way!" I don't want to listen to that toy all day long. Little Man looked at me and said "I want this for a horn for my bike. Little Miss has a horn on her bike and I want one like hers." What a way to convince me ~ any other story and I would still have told him no. So of course, since he had such a good reason, we let him get the "Shamu bike horn" :)
After the show we played at the little kids water area for a while. The kids had their suits on under their clothes so we pretty much let them at it. They played at the water coming out of the ground, the pirate ship, and the enclosed water area that had a big contraption with water coming out all over the place. Then we dried off and rode on the Shamu roller coaster a couple of times. We finished out the day going through the aquarium and feeding the dolphins.
All in all it was another great Sea World trip and we had a blast visiting our friends in San Antonio.

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