Thursday, May 14, 2009

Little Man's Music and Movement Program

Balance balance balance beam
Balance balance balance beam
I am balance balancing on my balance balance beam

One foot other foot in a row
I can do it fast and slow
Front ways side ways always my way
On my balance beam
~Balance Beam by The Laurie Berkner Band

Little Man had a little program at school this morning called Music and Movement. It was a 20 minute program where the kids got to show off some of the songs that they sing in class and some of the movement activities that they've been working on this year.
Little Man was too cute! I didn't tell him that Nana, G, and Meme were coming. So when the program started he was led into the room with his class and he looked out into the audience and said (very loudly), "Nana, G, Meme." As he said each person's name he got louder and louder. All of the parents were laughing :)

The kids sang their Hello song first. Then they showed us their Yoga stretches and their Balance Beam activity. Then all of the parents were invited to the floor with the kids and the kids then sang Where is Thumbkin and Grand Old Duke of York. Then the kids did some Instrument Exploration where they shook plastic eggs full of rice. We finished off the movement with the Parachute. The kids got to launch spongy balls off of the parachute. Finally they sand He's Got the Whole World and the Goodbye song. Little Man and his class did a great job!

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