Saturday, October 25, 2008

Miss Spider's Tea Party

One of Little Miss's bestest friends had her birthday party today. She had her big party at the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch this afternoon and then a special friend party this evening at Let's Pretend in Grapevine. The theme was Miss Spider's Tea Party. It was a Mommy and Me type party and the girls had so much fun.

The girls each dressed up in their Halloween costumes (Little Miss is a Spider Witch this year). We all got there and took our seats. Then the wait staff brought out hot tea for the moms and "chocolate soup" (chocolate milk with marshmallows) and hot tea for the girls. The next course was a peanut butter and jelly finger sandwich rolled in sprinkles along with a fruit kabob, a cookie, and a small cupcake (talk about loading them up with sugar!). The girls loved it all :) They were so cute drinking out of their tea cups and acting so prim and proper. We moms dined on hot tea, turkey sandwiches, scones, and individual apple pies.

After "dinner" Miss Spider came out and talked about spiders, made balloon animals/wands for all of the girls, and read us Miss Spider's Tea Party by David Kirk. After that we decorated mini pumpkins and then we danced! Finally, all of the girls there lined up in their costumes and we paraded down Main Street for about a block or so.

Little Miss and the Birthday Girl had a great time!

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