Monday, July 4, 2011

Oleo Ranch 2011 - Day 4

Happy Birthday America!

What a great day :) Kids played (loudly) this morning while Ryan and I slept in. We went to the La Garita for pancakes with the family and then it was time for showers for all and curlers for my hair! Then I went to Ronnie and Barbara's cabin to do some online quizzes for my computer class while Ryan and the kids fished the ponds.
Little Miss caught a fish all by herself and Little Man caught a couple with dad's help and they skipped rocks and saw a red-tailed hawk and a golden eagle which they said was really cool!
Then we all went back to our cabin and took a good long nap.
We all left for the Lake City Fourth of July Celebration around 4:30pm. We stopped and watched a moose and her baby for a bit on the way. Once we got to town we did a bit of shopping and then found ourselves a nice place on the grass in the town square.
It was (as always) a great small town America 4th of July celebration - street band, street dancing, lawn chairs in the town square, kids playing at the park, glow sticks, blankets on the ground, and a fantastic fireworks display that boomed super loudly in the valley and lit up the surrounding mountainside. I LOVE coming here for the 4th!
Fireworks started around 9:15pm and ended around an hour later - best fireworks in Lake City yet! There was a LONG stream of cars and trucks leaving town to go back to their various mountain cabins.
What a great evening!

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