Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oleo Ranch 2011 - Day 2

Kids were up at 6:30am bouncing on the beds and chatting with each other. After a couple of attempts to get them to go back to sleep, Ryan and I decided that we'd have to get up. We got ready, had breakfast at the hotel and then went down to the City Market for our groceries.
After filling our cart with the necessities along with a couple of wind catchers, we ate lunch and headed up the mountain.
This year we decided that our family is just too big now to share one room in the big cabin so Ryan, the kids, and I stayed in the Alabama. We loaded all of our stuff into the cabin and then mom and dad and Bill and Rita showed up an hour later so we headed next door to the La Garita to help them unload.
The kids had fun using their binoculars and playing Old Maid and dressing the paper doll horses that Little Miss brought. Dinner was yummy flank steak and potatoes. After dinner we headed back to the Alabama for some much needed sleep.

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