Thursday, May 26, 2011

Little Man's Last Day of School

My Little Man is officially a Kindergartener!

What a FABULOUS year he had this year. His teacher, Mrs. B, is one of the best teachers ever! She was definitely the best teacher for him this year. She loved my son and really understood all of his craziness. Little Man is SO smart and extremely funny. He needs some work on listening and keeping quiet during class and line up time. Mrs. B really focuses on the positives and tries to make sure that all of the kids in her class are successful and really love school. We are so happy that Little Man had such a wonderful teacher for his last year in preschool.

We also decided this year that we are going to send Little Man to Kindergarten at the private school her currently goes to. One more year in the fabulous school with the small teacher/student ratio will really let him continue to mature and master his listening skills :)

We love you Little Man and are so excited to see what next year brings!

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