Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dunlap and the Brain Girls - A&P I & II 2010-2011

A&P I and A&P II have been such a blast! Early on in the first semester of A&P Kim gave me a call (because Darby was busy :) ) and we did a study session on the phone before the first quiz. Since then Kim, Darby, Alicia, and I have been getting together on Monday nights for A&P study sessions. We started out at IHOP but ended up at Cafe du Luxe because the food was better and the staff there is fabulous. We did the last two months of Monday night study group up at school so we could use the white board to learn the information.
There is no way that I would have done nearly as well without them. I ended up with a 99 average in A&P I and a 98 average in A&P II. It was the regular study sessions and the different takes on certain topics that someone in the group had that really enabled me to make such great grades. It was also the expectations of the group that kept me on my toes. I made sure to do my Excell reviews and come to study session prepared because the group expected it. That really helped me stay on top of the workload.
Somewhere in the middle of A&P I the owner of Cafe du Luxe made us a sign to reserve our study area at the cafe. We were studying the nervous system and more specifically the brain at the time and so he dubbed us "Kim & the Brain Girls" and the name stuck!
Thank you Kim and the Brain Girls for all of the studying and amazing fun that we had this last year! I'm going to miss seeing you all so often!

Here's a quick ditty for the best A&P study group ever!
This last year has been awesome in A&P class
Kim & the Brain Girls we became while we studied & laughed
We each go our own way, moving on to new things
But we will stay in touch as we see what the future brings

Here we are in October 2010 for our first study session at IHOP & a month later at Cafe du Luxe.

Studying the brain in the lab and the beginning of Kim and the Brain Girls.

We take too many group pics :) Here we are in Nov 2010 and in March 2011.

Darby loves the white board and here we are teaching about chromosomes and their duplicates.

We love Dr. Dunlap who is an excellent A&P professor and here we are at our last study session.

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