Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bold Fresh Tour

I win everything. It's true. To illustrate my point I'll tell you how Dad and I were able to go and see Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly on tour yesterday.
So a couple of months ago the talk radio station that I listen to offered caller number 10 two free tickets to the Beaujolais Wine Festival (tickets valued at $55 each). I called in and won the tickets. My husband was not able to go with me because he had a hunting trip scheduled that weekend so my sister and I went together. It was great. There was a lot of wine to taste and fabulous local restaurants had samples of their food. Awesome night!

My talk radio station was one of the sponsors so I headed to their table to thank them for the tickets to the festival. I talked to the guy for a minute and he asked me if I was a regular listener. I told him that I was an all day listener (which is true because I'm a talk radio nerd :) ) and that I listened to Jeff Bolton in the morning, followed by Glenn Beck, then Dave Ramsey, and finally Chris Croc. Once I got through the names he then asked if I would like tickets to the Bill O'Reilly/Glenn Beck Bold Fresh Tour show that was coming in a couple of weeks! Heck ya I do :)

So that's how Dad and I ended up at the Bold Fresh Tour this afternoon :)

It was a great show!!

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