Thursday, May 27, 2010


Little Miss's Kindergarten class put on a production of Bugs tonight! It was completely adorable!

We took Little Miss up to school around 6:15pm so that she could get her costume on and get ready for the play. The kiddos then went to the music room and we headed to the cafeteria to get a seat. My parents, Ryan's parents, and my sister were able to come tonight.

The play lasted about 35 minutes. There was a lot of singing, a bit of dancing, and most of the kids got to deliver a line or two.

Little Miss has been practicing her lines for months.

"You may be wondering what we are dressed up with antennas and wings. Mostly we're bugs, some spiders, and ants and other squirmy things"

She did a wonderful job delivering the lines and doing the motions to all of the songs.

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