Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009 and Pumpkin Painting & Carving

The Art House in Flower Mound was offering free pumpkin painting. All you needed to do was show up with a pumpkin and they would provide the rest. So the kids and I decided to head over there on Monday October 19 so that we could partake in the fun :)

Little Miss made a rainbow striped pumpkin with antenna and Little Man made a globular painted pumpkin with LONG antenna that ended up falling off!

Messy --- Yes.... Super Fun --- You Bet!

As for our pumpkins, Ryan and I decided to go a different route with our carving this year. Little Miss and I both had the swine flu over the Halloween weekend. Since Trick or Treating was out for this year we decided that we couldn't hand out candy to unsuspecting healthy people either. So here is what we carved...

Needless to say... no one came to our door for treats :)

As for the costumes ... the kids did go to a costume birthday party the week before Halloween. Little Man wore his Batman costume and Little Miss was a Texas Tech cheerleader. Her actual costume was a Cleopatra but we were saving it for Halloween...

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