Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Man - Western Days

Western Days is a big deal at Little Man's new school! They go all out - petting zoo, picture taking area, campfire songs, stick horse races... the whole nine yards. Today was the day!

I volunteered to help out with the picture taking station and Ryan let the school borrow his roping dummy, chaps, bits and bridles, riding blankets, and saw horse.

Little Man had a blast going from station to station with his preschool class. His favourite stations were the petting zoo station and the stick horse race station. Nana even came up to school and followed his class around for a couple of rotations. He thought that was pretty cool.

After the kids went through all of the stations the room moms (of which I am one) brought the kids each a McDonald's Happy Meal. The kids really loved this special treat and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend most of the afternoon with my favourite little boy!!

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