Monday, September 15, 2008

First Day of Preschool 2008

I gotta go back, back, back to school again
You won’t find me, till the clock strikes three
I’m gonna be there till then
I gotta go back, back, back to school again
Whoa, whoa, I gotta go, Back to School …… AGAIN!
~ Grease 2

On Thursday, September 4th the kids started school. Both of the kiddos are in school this year. I do love it that finally they are both in school and I have a couple of days to myself but I will admit that it's weird without one or both of them around! I'm sure I'll get used to it though :).

Little Miss started the 4 year old class with all of her old friends from last year and got right back into the swing of things. Her new teachers are Ms. Barb and Ms. Sophia and she already loves them. She even got to be class leader the first week of school and got to bring home Husky the class bear. She took him everywhere and did everything with him over the weekend and then got to write about their adventures in the class journal. She was so excited to tell all of the things that she and Husky did!

Little Man had a harder time adjusting to preschool. He's a bit of a Mama's boy and is not too keen on going to school. "No school, Mommy!" is what I hear each day as we drive up to the preschool. Each day as I drop him off I have to peel him off my leg and he cries so sadly as the teachers try to engage him in an activity as I leave. I know that 2 minutes after I leave he is playing happily but it still breaks my heart a bit to leave :( He does seem to like school though. He likes the colouring, reading books, and was super excited to tell me how messy he got playing with shaving cream in class last week!

Overall it's great for them to make friends and do all of those messy and fun activities they get to do. I think I'm going to love actually having a bit of kid-free time once we settle in to the new routine. Maybe I'll actually get some house cleaning done this year!!

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