Thursday, September 18, 2008

Founders' Plaza

"Over the years, Founders' Plaza has become a favorite spot for families, aviation enthusiasts and Airport employees. The Observation Area offers magnificent views of many types of aircraft as they take off and land. In addition, the plaza provides convenient parking, picnic tables, telescopes, historic information, a commemorative monument and a radio that broadcasts air traffic control communications from the FAA tower."

With this in mind, we were excited when our friends invited us to the Founders' Plaza Opening Ceremonies yesterday. The ceremonies started at 10 am and kicked off with 2 fire trucks spraying in an arch as three planes did a fly by. This was followed by a wonderful parade that included cowgirls on horses (Little Miss's favourites), a fire truck, police car, drill team, marching band (my favourite), and much more. The parade circled the street while we sat on the curb with front row seats.

There was also live music from Olympic Gold Medalist Carly Patterson and a man making balloon animals for the kids (Little Man loved this). The ceremony ended with free hot dogs and apple pie. It was such a great day!

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