Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Family Reunion in North Carolina

The kids and I and my parents just got back from our Family Reunion in North Carolina! We left DFW on Wednesday morning and drove 11 hours to Nashville. We stayed with my brother and sister in law for the night. The kids had a great time seeing their aunt and uncle! We left Nashville on Thursday morning and drove 7 hours to Hickory, NC. It was a long trip but we listened to book tapes and had fun messing with my dad's TomTom. The kids did GREAT! They crashed Little Man's Matchbox cars, read books, watched DVDs, and played with Little Miss's Polly Pocket dolls.

Once we got to NC we unloaded our stuff at the local Holiday Inn and headed over to my cousins house. My mother's sister and her three girls were all there with all of the family that comes with them :) The kids had a blast swimming, riding in the pink electric kid cars, and playing in the outdoor kids playhouse. The adults had fun talking, catching up on the news, swimming, relaxing, and of course EATING!

On the way home we stopped at Jefferson City, TN to visit my mom's alma mater, Carson Newman College. We stopped at her old dorm and were even able to see her old room at the dorm.

We did have a little bit of a surprise on the drive home when my Dad drove by a mower on the side of the interstate. The mower kicked up a rock and the rock hit the passenger window of our van in just the right spot to cause the entire window to shatter. Luckily the window stayed in one piece and we stopped at a truck stop and duct taped the entire window to make sure it wasn't going anywhere! We got home late Monday night after a 14 hour day of driving and rudimentary window repair.

All and all, the trip was wonderful. The kids got to see their aunt and uncle, a bunch of their cousins and their great aunt and uncle, tour the campus of Carson Newman, and drive in a minivan with duct tape over the window.

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