Friday, May 9, 2008

Our First Family Camping Trip

We decided that it was time for our kids to sleep outdoors so this past weekend we took our first family camping trip. We wanted to make sure the kids had a good time so we called up some of our best friends to come along. After a bit a internet surfing we decided to set up tent at Hickory Creek Park. Hickory Creek Park is on the southwestern portion of Lake Lewisville. It's a great campground for a first camping trip and fairly close to our house. We camped on lot P2 on one of the ten primitive camping sites.

We got there mid Saturday morning with all of our gear. After walking 300 yards three times to get all of our necessary gear to the site, we set up our new tent and got settled in.

Little Miss loved playing in our friend's tent with her friend and "skipping" (read that as throwing) rocks into the lake like Daddy. Little Man had a blast playing T-ball with his buddy and eating his s'mores. And we surely can't forget to mention the fun that the kids had playing with their glow sticks. The kids had a GREAT time!

Ryan and I loved it as well. Ryan got to set up the tent, skip rocks on the lake, and play with the kids. I got to chat with friends, take numerous trips to the ever so lovely "pit bathroom", and help the kids make s'mores. All in all it was a fabulous trip and we were sad to make the trek back to the van and go home!

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