Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Last Day with Shelley and Sophie

Shelley and I met back in the Fall of 2006 when our girls started their first year of preschool together. The girls were 2 and became fast friends. While in preschool our 2 year old class, 3 year old class, and 4 year old class pretty much stayed the same and we had playdates once or twice a month. Not your regular playdates - super fun, field trip worthy playdates. Preschool was a BLAST for the kids and the moms!
Little Miss and Sophie have played together for years and Shelley and I have been best friends for all of those years too!
Shelley's husband got a promotion and now they are moving to West Virginia and we are very sad!!!
Today we got the girls (and ourselves) together for one last afternoon before they head out. While we're sad they are leaving - we're excited that we now have a place to crash should we ever head out to West Virginia :)

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