Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Cookie Decorating 2009

Our biggest family tradition: Christmas Cookie Decorating

Every year the entire family gets together and decorates Christmas sugar cookies. This year was no different. My parents, in-laws, sister (and her boyfriend, Ryan), me, Ryan, and the kids, and my brother in law, Denver, all got together today to continue the tradition.
I made sugar cookie dough and peanut butter kiss cookie dough, my mom made two recipes of sugar cookie dough, my mother in law brought sugar cookie dough, and my sister brought sugar cookie dough. My mom made Corn Chowder and my dad made his famous Chili and we chowed down on lunch before we set to decorating hoping that maybe lunch would fill us up and we wouldn't eat so much cookie dough .
We cranked up the Christmas music (Amy Grant and Clay Aiken) and got into the cookie making spirit by singing loudly and eating a lot of icing :)
Little Miss and Little Man truly had a wonderful time this year although halfway through Little Man was looking a little "over sugared" because he had eaten so much cookie dough and sampled a little too much homemade icing! Little Miss really got into it this year and did a fabulous job decorating her cookies.
All in all we made and decorated 108 sugar cookies!

Here are some pictures I took with my iPhone.
We forgot to bring our camera so as soon as I get copies of some of the best, I'll post them :)

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