Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We are all potty trained! (for the most part) :)

I'm so happy
I'm so happy
I'm so happy when I'm dry
So I'm going to the potty
Every hour, I will try
(Sing to the tune of Oh My Darling)

We have finally finished potty training at our house! With Little Man finally trained we are DONE with diapers!! :)

We decided to potty train Little Man over the Christmas holiday. He got out of school on December 18th for Christmas, so we talked it over with him and went full force potty training on Friday the 19th.

One of my best friends told me how she potty trained her son so I pretty much did what she did but with some "Little Man" modifications. We made two huge charts that said Pee and Poop and made a racetrack in the letters. I told him that every time he peed or pooped in the potty that he would be able to put a Car sticker on the racetrack of the Pee or Poop. (He also got an M&M every time he went.) For every 5 pee stickers he got a prize of a die cast Cars character. For every 2 poop stickers he got a different Cars character. We had our "pee pee" Car and our "poopy" Car :) So we stocked up on M&Ms, die cast Cars characters, Cars stickers, and Cars and Toy Story underwear and off we went. He LOVED putting the stickers on the chart and picking out his M&M. Once he got the hang of it, we kind of let him forget about the stickers and the Cars but we still do the M&M occasionally if he asks for it. All in all it only took us about 10 die cast Cars to get through the entire potty training event. Well worth every penny :)

He pretty much peed and pooped on himself for the first week. After the second week he kind of got the hang of the peeing but we still hadn't pooped in the potty. About a week and a half into it he finally pooped on the potty and he was so excited that we haven't looked back! As of right now (about 2 months later) he is peeing and pooping on the potty almost by himself. We still ask him occasionally to go if he looks like he needs to go, when he gets up in the morning, or when we are fixing to leave the house. He is doing great and has had minimal accidents since he got the hang of it. I'm so excited! I was really nervous to potty train him :)

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