Thursday, August 14, 2008

Power Lab VBS - 2008

"There's power, there's power,
there's wonder working power...
In the blood of the Lamb."

We've been singing and dancing since the last song was sung at Vacation Bible School.

This year's theme was Power Lab - Discovering Jesus' miraculous power! We spent each morning last week going through the stations at VBS... Song and Dance, Games, Arts and Crafts, Snack, Bible Drama, and Chadder's Bible video. Little Miss had a blast on her second tour of VBS. She was in a group with a bunch of her school friends. I got to check in on her each day as they learned their lesson of the day... That Jesus gives us the power to be thankful, help others, be brave, live forever, and tell others about God. She especially loved all of the singing and dancing. I'm sure we'll be listening to this CD well into next year :)

I was the VBS Director this year... who knew that I'd spend the 5 months leading up to VBS on my computer, at a meeting, or on my cell phone VBSing. It was stressful at times but a lot of fun as well and I made some great friends along the way :)

Little Man had one more year in the nursery. After the first day, each day that we headed into church you could hear him yelling "No, No, No...No VBS Mommy!" He is kind of a Mama's boy. My little Linus could be seen each day pulling his blue blanket behind him with a small tear in his eye. Hopefully he'll enjoy VBS more next year when he is old enough to participate.

All in all, Power Lab was a success. Next year's theme... Crocodile Dock!

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